Petfood Trends 2019

Petfood Industry over Petfood trends:

“Within the trend of humanization, pet parents are seeking more customized, premium options such as limited-ingredient diets or culinary experiences — and they’re willing to spend more to fit their needs,” said Chris Butterworth, innovation director at Mars
Petcare. “Sales of premium products have dramatically outpaced the growth of value and mainstream products, and 84 percent of market growth is now driven by premiumization, as opposed to volume growth.”Even pet owners who aren’t able or willing to pay
superpremium prices for customized diets want to feel like they’re customizing their pets’ meals, which is why meal enhancers will continue to grow in popularity, according to James Restivo of Nielsen and Maria Lange of GfK. Already a US$93 million category with 25 percent growth year over year, “meal enhancers or ‘meal mixers/toppers’ in 2019 will increasingly be seen as convenient, easy ways to add nutrition/health benefits and easy to prep/feed,” they said.

Source: Petfood Industry Magazine, January 2019 by Lindsay Beaton

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