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    At Teeling Petfood we work every day to produce high-quality wet food for dogs and cats. We offer a wide range of products and are constantly engaged in product development and innovations. We do this with the help of a dedicated team that knows everything about animal nutrition through years of experience. We strive for long-term relationships, with you as a customer, but also with our own suppliers.

    About us

    We produce dog and cat food, including sausages and wet food in aluminium trays, at Teeling Petfood in Heerhugowaard and Hoogeveen on a daily basis. Everyone is dedicated to working together as a team. Our lines are short and collegiality is high.

    We joined forces in 2022 to become part of United Petfood, which offers many advantages to our customers. Find out more by watching our video presentation.

    Our history

    Since 1942

    Teeling Petfood was founded as a meat and slaughter product processing company


    Teeling Petfood switched to the exclusive production of pet food in Alu trays


    New investments and developments result in a 300% capacity increase


    New Hoogeveen production location becomes operational


    Teeling Petfood wins Industry Award


    Teeling Petfood’s 75th anniversary


    Acquired by United Petfood


    Installation of new, second production line

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