• Create your own label

Clear communication and teamwork are key to developing your own private label range. At Teeling Petfood, we take a personal approach right from the start that enables us to understand and respond to your requirements and ideas as our customer. We achieve this using the following principles:

1. Idea, concept and category management

Teeling Petfood is dedicated to helping you translate your idea or concept into an end product. We offer advice in choosing the right ingredients, packaging and design, as well as supporting you in making an inventory of ideas, requirements and target groups.

2. Product development

Once we’ve got all the basics sorted, we work closely with you to transform your ideas into a plan, product or concept.

3. Packaging options

We guide you through the various packaging process stages, from packaging advice to developing effective packaging design and producing the first samples.

4. Testing/Samples

We conduct various tests and produce different samples before the final production phase, so we’re certain the end product matches your requirements.

5. Production

Following a successful sample production and after agreeing on the desired end product and packaging, we can start producing!

6. Logistics

We can tailor our logistics to your specific requirements and needs, using advanced technologies (WMS) in our state-of-the-art warehouse.